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Tagaytay Wedding Venues: Clearwater Resthouse Gardens

Finding the perfect venue to have the wedding reception has been one of the biggest problem for engaged couples eyeing to be wed in Tagaytay. We had the same problem when we were planning our wedding there. So I am sharing some of the reviews and pictures that we took when we had ocular visits during our wedding preps days.

We had our ceremony held at Caleruega Chapel and our reception followed at Clearwater Resthouse Garden. You may check out our wedding pics from my previous post

Let me share our review about the places we've visited and some pictures as well.  Let's start off with Clearwater Resthouse Gardens

Clearwater Resthouse, Tagaytay

On the staff : If you're a walk-in client, like we are. You may look for Manang Belen, she's the innkeeper of the place. She's really the go-to person here, but there are also other helpful staffs that are very capable of answering your questions. The guard can direct you to the reception area of the inn. Their Marketing manager and co-owner, Ms. Jennifer Dee is also very helpful and so easy to talk to, she's been patient to answer any of our queries like parking, security and other concerns. On our day, she even provided a standby generator for us because there had been some power fluctuations in the area that morning. There's also a caretaker that can help you with the electric set up or if you need to have some of the furnitures to be moved around. Very big plus for those couples with no wedding coordinator like us.

Us with the wonderful staff of Clearwater Resthouse Gardens, Tagaytay

 On the garden: It is actually separated from the commercial complex. You have to exit the compound again and then walk a couple of steps out in the highway, there is a private lot separating the two. The front of the garden is not actually attention grabbing. But, I think you'll be in for a surprise when you enter the place. =) What appealed to us is that the garden really has a lot to offer and we saw its potential. We were allowed to design it anyway we want, as long as we don't damage anything. Privacy is also what attracted us to it, it is the perfect cozy place to celebrate with friends and family, unlike in other places where you have to worry about people gatecrashing and the many uzizeros around (wink, wink*). It is also very spacious, I think it can cater upto 250 people. It also gives that relaxed cottage feel that we want with it's white painted walls, high ceiling and airy feel of the house with its open glass doors. There is also ample space for our caterer to work on, it has its own kitchen, a grill station and two toilet and bath, the furniture can also be used for your needs (we used the long table as a gift table) lastly, the view of Taal volcano is really amazing from this place. 

spacious garden, Clearwater Resthouse garden - my husband with the Caterer supervisor measuring the place for the tents
white bench overlooking the view

Clearwater resthouse garden, Tagaytay

The package: The venue package they offered us in 2010 includes full usage of the place plus help from staff and caretaker. I'm not sure if the price has change already so its best to inquire directly with them. Ours was about PHP65K for the whole place. I heard it increased already to PHP80K but I'm not sure if this is true. The good thing about the package is that we can already start setting up the place the day before our wedding which was really helpful for us since we're setting up some tents. Unlike hotels and other venues where you can only set up 4 hours before the wedding, we can take our time to set up the place. Also, since we have it all to ourselves, we were able to leave some things needed in the reception the night before the big day. They also didn't charge any corkage fee. Some of my relatives brought in beer ^_^. I was tempted to bring in a lechon but the food from my Caterer is more than sufficient  ^_^.  Having access on the site a day before really gave us ample time to visit the place and correct any mistakes. But note that they don't allow any people to stay overnight at the house.The package also includes a free one night stay at the inn. A night at their inn costs PHP12K per night so we thought it really was a sweet deal already. We used ours right after the wedding. It's the end reward for all our hard work. And, it was such a romantic and nice quiet place to spend our first night as husband and wife ^_^

Now for our inn experience, I'll leave it as a surprise, all I can say is it's really one of the best services we've experienced so far. Everything is so personalized. ^_^. We enjoyed staying there that we ended up extending our stay for another night.

sitting area - theinntagaytay - Clearwater resthouse Gardens, Tagaytay

Our comfy beds at the Inn Tagaytay - Clearwater Resthouse Gardens, Tagaytay

entryway - The Inn Tagaytay - Clearwater Resthouse Gardens, Tagaytay
Terrace with Jacuzzi - Clearwater Resthouse gardens, Tagaytay
Stunning view of Taal volcano from The Inn Tagaytay
Clearwater Resthouse Gardens, Tagaytay 

Its funny when I think about it now because looking back, I just realized that the first place that we actually visited when we were canvassing for a venue was Clearwater Resthouse Gardens and I think I fell in love with the place right then and there.  ^_^

For info, it is owned and managed by Cliffhouse Inn, a small commercial compound located right beside Max's restaurant along the rows of restaurants in the ridge. The commercial area houses Buon Giorno restaurant, Firelake grill and our favorite Fling. It has a full view of Taal Lake as you can see in the pictures.
The inn is a definite must see when you ask about their venue rental. You can also check out their website here. Contact information are there.

To get there: Just turn right in Tagaytay Rotonda if you're coming from Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. It's on your left side. Right after Max's. It has a sign.


  1. hi! my fiancee and I are planning to have our garden wedding ceremony/reception at clearwater. who's your caterer that time?

    1. Hi, we hired Centertable catering. The food was great and their services superb.:) You can check out my other blogpost for the link to their site, I also mentioned there other suppliers we got for our big day - it's under the "Our wedding" tab - good luck and happy preps!

  2. hi.. i can't open the link for the contact info or website for clearwater.. can you pls message it to me instead? thanks much for blogging bout your wedding.. it gave me lots of idea for mine...

    1. Hi jomz, try copying and pasting this url> Glad I could help out. God bless! Happy preps! :)

  3. Hi, saw your blog and we are planning to have our wedding reception at clearwater as well. tried calling the numbers i got from google but its from a website wedding in the sky and a specific caterer called towns delight. we just want to rent the place and bring in our own caterer. do you have their direct line? the one who manage the place? my email is Thank you in advance and congratulations on your wedding.

  4. Hi,

    We are looking for a garden wedding venue on Dec 20....Are you guys still available on that day and If so, May pls request for a quotation to send on my email:

    Thank You and hope to hear from you soon


  5. That was totally amazing. thank you for sharing to us your wonderful experience on one of the hotels in tagaytay.

  6. This is really perfect for your wedding reception venue in Tagaytay.

    Congratulations in advance! :)

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  8. Clearwater is one of the best venue when it comes to Tagaytay Weddings. Nice choice indeed! :)

  9. Love the garden venue! Thanks for sharing this information! :)

  10. This is a really great venue for a wedding. I wish we had options outside of Los Angeles wedding venues for the wedding. It beautifully surrounded by nature and you can see the water in the front. Who wouldn’t like to get married there?